09 Oct 2018

Thank You Patient Letter 2018

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We realize that our patients have many choices these days and we are grateful to have been chosen once again as the best plastic surgeon by the La Jolla Light Reader’s Poll. There is so much satisfaction and joy from doing what one loves to do. Plastic and reconstructive surgery gives me that satisfaction each and every day. From skin and breast cancer reconstruction to trauma repair and to all of the elective aesthetic surgeries, it is a pleasure and adventure to go to work every day. I share this honor with my incredibly dedicated staff, for it is due to their most capable and attentive efforts that every patient is well cared for. It is truly a team effort to create the best possible individualized care for each of you.

Every patient is thoroughly evaluated and a very personalized plan is developed for aesthetic or reconstructive surgery. A few of our specialties include breast augmentation, reduction, lift and post-mastectomy reconstruction. Facial rejuvenation can include injectibles, microneedling/PRP, laser resurfacing, face lifts, mid-facelift, blepharoplasty, brow lifts and rhinoplasties. Body contouring (mommy makeovers) encompasses tummy tucks, breast reduction and liposculpture as well as thermage and lipo-massage. Our aestheticians, massage therapists, nurses and I are available Monday through Saturday to take care of your needs.

Call today for a complimentary consultation to achieve your new rejuvenated look.

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