RealSelf Patient Reviews of Stephen M. Krant, MD

“Dr Krant and his staff are absolutely amazing!!! I can not say enough them. I had surgery on my breasts. Dr Krant went into great detail about everything, why a capsular happens to step by step of my surgery. He made sure I understood everything. He made me feel safe and in great hands. His staff is just as amazing! They are very sweet, warm, caring, family like feel. After my surgery a nurse and Dr Krant would follow up with me to see how I was doing multiple times a week. And then once a week for a few weeks to make sure I was healing properly. They made me feel my health and comfort was a huge priority to them. I can not express how happy I am with my results!!!! I recommend them to everyone I know! Thank you Dr Krant and your staff for everything you did for me. I’m love being part of the SK Clinic family. xoxox Nicole”

“I had a Breast Augmentation done in March, and I could not be happier with the results. Dr. Krant spent time with me before the surgery making sure I was comfortable and saw me days and months after to make sure I was healing properly. The staff was warm and welcoming and I would highly recommend it to anyone that is thinking of doing this surgery.”

“A few months ago, my best friend recommended Dr. Krant for my mommy makeover surgery. I am so glad I listened to my friend. From the moment I met Dr. Krant, I felt like I had made the best decision for me. Dr. Krant is the most sincere doctor I have ever met. He was the first doctor to really listen to my body issues and offer solutions that could help repair my tummy. I am thrilled with my results. I felt very safe throughout the surgery and Dr. Krant’s meticulous attention to detail throughout the whole process is amazing. I have healed incredibly fast and I know it is because of Dr. Krant’s experience, his incredible knowledge of his practice and his dedication towards his patient’s well being during their healing process.”

“Dr. K is amazing. He completely transformed my face with the nose job he gave me. I really highly recommend him to anyone who is dissatisfied with their nose and is looking for something better. Trust Dr. K, he knows what he’s doing. I have no regrets about my procedure. A good plastic surgeon should know what to do without you having to tell him. He did something different than what I thought he was going to do, but he’s the plastic surgeon and he knew what to do. And it turned out better than what I was imagining. I totally recommend him, 100%, go to him and you’ll be really happy!!! He’s worth every penny!”

“Dr Krant did my original breast augmentation and lift in 2005 ~ they looked and felt very natural! His aftercare is amazing. If there was ever an issue he was always available. That being his nature, he has also been the ordering Dr for my yearly mammogram. Fast forward 5 years ~ I was shocked when I was diagnosed with DCIS (breast cancer.) Within minutes of calling his office, he called me back, took me under his wing, lent me an ear and a shoulder to cry on and then quarterbacked my fight! Without him, I don’t know where I would be. Dr Krant, Dr A and staff are a wonderful team of professionals ~ they took the stress factor away and made the process easy. I am so blessed to have them on my team!”

“Dr. Krant and his team at the SK Clinic made my surgical experience better than I could have anticipated. From the very first consult to my most recent follow-up his team has been hugely helpful and supportive. I had my chin augmented and well as liposuction and tightening of my neck muscles performed. I am thrilled with the results, they just keep getting better. I am currently in my second week of recovery and I feel great. Dr. Krant is kind and available for assistance when needed. The nurses in his office are exceptional, I felt like I bonded with each of them. My nurse anesthetist was excellent and had exceptional patient-centered care. Overall, I have to say that I am beyond pleased with my decision to have my surgery at the SK Clinic with Dr. Krant and his team. Thank you all!”

“I had a small basil cell melanoma growth that was removed from my nose. The resulting hole required reconstructive surgery done by another surgeon. I went to Dr Krant a year later to fix the poor result I had received.
In the initial meeting, he took 2 hours with me to see if there were an alternative to surgery. Once I decided to do a surgical repair, he and his staff went above and beyond to explain all aspects of the procedure, provided pre-op instructions and medications, including antibiotics to avoid infection.
Since the surgery, they have literally seen me everyday! Their post-op aftercare is second to none. Today, I got my stitches out. I came all the way from Florida to have Dr. Krant do this surgery. I would do it again.
Not only did he fix the scar, but he also made my nose look better than it ever has. I would recommend Dr. Krant and his competent, caring staff to anyone who is even considering plastic surgery.”