19 Nov 2013

Makeup Mistakes that May Make you Look Older

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As we age, some makeup tips that worked when we were younger no longer apply. Keep yourself looking fresh-faced and beautiful. where is my ip. We’ve compiled these makeup mistakes to avoid to make you look older.

Makeup Mistakes that May Make you Look Older

Makeup Mistakes that May Make you Look Older

1)      No Blush

The older we get, our face loses some of its color. To avoid your face looking tired or washed-out, a nice dab of some cream blush can really give your face a lift and beautiful glow.

2)      Too Much Foundation

Foundation can sometimes looked too caked and brings out your wrinkles because the foundation often settles into the lines. Avoid this by using something sheer like a BB cream and powder or if you’re attached to your foundation, apply a light layer with a sponge.

3)      Dark Lipstick

A dark lipstick can sometimes thin out your lips. Stick to vibrant colors or light lipsticks to make your lips pop.

4)      Dark Eyeliner Around your Whole Eye

Wearing that much dark eyeliner can be harsh and make your eyes look smaller. It could make your crow’s feet standout instead of your eyes! Instead, line only half of your eyes and smudge it out. Use a brightening eye shadow to help make your eyes stand out.

5)      Too Thin Eyebrows

Your eyebrows may thin and look sparser as you age. For this reason it is important to pencil it in to make it look fuller. Go for a pencil that it one shade lighter than your natural brow color.

6)      Too Much Bronzer

Applying too much bronzer can actually make you look older because of its dark tones. Instead, just stick to under your cheekbones and your temples.

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