Chin Augmentation San Diego

Get Chin Augmentation in San Diego and La Jolla

Chin augmentation La Jolla is often suggested by surgeons who specialize in rhinoplasty, plastic surgery on the nose. This is because they see chin augmentation San Diego as being necessary to achieve facial harmony and balance. Having a weak chin can make a person feel out of balance, unattractive or even “fat.” La Jolla chin augmentation is surprisingly straightforward and inexpensive.

Incisions are made just underneath the chin or inside the mouth. The surgeon gently pulls on the skin to create a pouch into which he inserts an implant. The implant is made of synthetic material that mimics the natural tissue, allowing the surgeon to customize the implant to suit the patient’s face.

Chin Augmentation San Diego

Chin Augmentation San Diego

Chin augmentation San Diego, or “chinplant,” as it is affectionately nicknamed by a growing number of celebrities, is the fastest-growing segment of the plastic surgery market in the United States. Actresses Vicki Gunvalson and Farrah Abraham have been proudly modelling their newly-defined jawlines. The most popular chins to mimic are those belonging to Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry and Keira Knightly.

Chin augmentation in San Diego is also known as the rhinoplasty’s best friend. The two procedures are often performed together. Evidence has accumulated over 40 years of research that 20% of people whose appearance could be enhanced by a nose job would also benefit from a La Jolla chin augmentation.

Computer imaging can help a patient to see how various San Diego chin augmentation strategies would change their appearance. While not strictly predictive of the outcome of a particular patient’s chin augmentation La Jolla, computer simulation can help the patient make an informed decision of how to proceed. People differ in the thickness of their skin in the facial area and in the way they recover from the operation.

Chin augmentation La Jolla is typically performed under either local anesthesia with sedation or under a general anesthetic. Both approaches to San Diego chin augmentation offer an absence of both pain and awareness. The surgery is usually completed within one hour.

The surgeon fixes the implant into place using either sutures or metallic screws. After about six weeks, a firm capsule has formed around the implant to secure it to the chinbone. San Diego chin augmentation is permanent. Complications and undesirable side effects are rare.