Breast Reduction San Diego

Get a Breast Reduction in San Diego and La Jolla

Breast reduction La Jolla, also known as reduction mammoplasty, can transform a woman’s life, both physically and psychologically. For some women, the sheer weight of her breasts can cause constant fatigue and lower backache. Neck and shoulder discomfort can be a problem and finding the right underwear and clothing can be a nerve-wracking, exhausting mission. Then there are the constant jokes, the unwanted attention from the opposite sex and not being taken seriously by people of either gender.

San Diego breast reduction can give a woman breasts that are more proportional to the rest of the body, are easier to carry around and look better in a wider choice of wardrobe.

Preparing for Breast Reduction La Jolla

Preparation for breast reduction is similar to preparing for any other breast procedure. Smoking, aspirin and other anti-inflammatory medication will need to be stopped well in advance of the operation. Smoking seriously affects the body’s ability to heal and the drugs just mentioned may increase the risk of bleeding. Your surgeon may also ask you to lose weight before the procedure if you are overweight.

The La Jolla Breast Reduction Procedure

At the SK Clinic in La Jolla, north of San Diego, breast reduction involves the removal of excess skin, fat and breast tissue. The areola-nipple complex, particularly if it is pointing in the downward direction, may be lifted and reshaped. This area is always carefully kept attached to its natural underlying tissue. This is to retain the nerve and blood supplies to provide sensitivity for childbearing and breast-feeding. If requested, the nipple area can be reshaped and reduced in size. Breast reduction La Jolla is performed under general anesthetic and may involve staying overnight.

Breast Reduction San Diego

Breast Reduction San Diego

Recovering from Breast Reduction San Diego

After you wake up from the breast reduction San Diego, there may be some pain and discomfort for two or three days. Your doctor will make sure you are given appropriate pain medication in the form of tablets or injections. The stitches will be removed 10 to 14 days after your La Jolla breast reduction. You will be tired and may require help at home for two to six weeks, depending on how old you are and your level of fitness. You may experience tenderness or lumpiness for several weeks or months but you may sunbathe and go swimming once the scars have completely healed.

Patients at the SK Clinic who undergo breast reduction in San Diego are very happy with the results of their procedures. They look great and feel great. If you would like more information about breast reduction San Diego, contact one of our friendly associates.