Breast Augmentation San Diego

Get a Breast Augmentation in San Diego and La Jolla

At SK Clinic in La Jolla, breast augmentation is one of our most popular procedures. Because the breasts are a significant feature of the image that you project to the outside world, being dissatisfied with their size and/or shape can seriously undermine your self-confidence. This can affect your personal, professional and social life.

Many of our patients who undergo breast augmentation near San Diego remark that it has changed their lives for the better by increasing their self-esteem, body image and feeling of attractiveness. A lot of our patients report that they are able to buy and wear the clothes and underwear of their choice for the first time in their lives. Another name for breast augmentation La Jolla is augmentation mammoplasty.

Reasons for Having San Diego Breast Augmentation

Weight loss, childbirth and breast-feeding can all extract a heavy toll from a woman’s breasts. What was once perky and firm are now droopy and disappointing. Some women were never endowed with nature’s womanly gifts while others have one breast larger than the other. Breast augmentation San Diego adds or restores volume and gives a natural, fuller, youthful shape. La Jolla breast augmentation may also be used after mastectomy or traumatic injury to the breast.

Breast Augmentation San Diego

Breast Augmentation San Diego

The Breast Augmentation La Jolla Procedure

A tiny incision is made at the lower portion of the pigmented part of the nipple (areola). An implant is then placed either under the tissues or muscles of the breast. The FDA has approved many types of safe implants, including those filled with saline and those filled with gel. Breast augmentation in La Jolla at SK Clinic is increasingly popular because the procedure has grown safer and more satisfying to our patients over the past ten years.

Recovering from Breast Augmentation in San Diego

Immediately after the procedure, your breasts will be covered with gauze and there will be drainage tubes. These will be removed after a couple of days. You may be advised to wear a surgical bra for a while as you heal. These are not as dowdy as they may sound. Many look and feel like sports bras while others are as lacy and pretty as the undergarments you wear normally. The main difference is in the fabric, which is extra strong to provide support, while being soft enough not to cause any pain. Underwires are out of the question during the healing period after your San Diego breast augmentation.

You will need to take it easy and avoid lifting for a while and you may require painkillers. Usually, over-the-counter pain medication is all that is required, although your surgeon may prescribe tablets for you.