Belt Lipectomy San Diego

Get a Belt Lipectomy in San Diego and La Jolla

A La Jolla belt lipectomy is a surgical procedure designed to remove excess tissue from your abdomen, back and legs. It is called a belt lipectomy San Diego because it is concentrated on the region where you wear a belt. The operation is most successful on patients who have had a major weight loss, who have a lot of saggy skin and maybe a thin layer of subcutaneous fat. The San Diego belt lipectomy is unsuitable for people who are carrying a lot of extra weight.

People who have made the necessary sacrifices and changes to their lifestyle to lose 30 or more pounds only to find themselves with a dismally saggy shape can develop serious psychiatric problems. They may even think they looked better with the extra weight, so why did they bother going through the belt lipectomy in San Diego?

Belt Lipectomy San Diego

Belt Lipectomy San Diego

A belt lipectomy La Jolla results in a flatter tummy, a more defined waistline, firmer skin, elevated buttocks and outer thighs. It can also restore lost self-esteem. Sometimes, fat removed from the belt region is processed and transferred to the buttock region for a belt lift at the same time as the belt lipectomy La Jolla.

Belt Lipectomy San Diego – the Procedure

The surgeon may use a marker pen to draw lines on certain areas of your body. These are used to guide him during in the operating room. Usually, patients are given a general anesthetic but local anesthetics are also a possibility. At the start of the belt lipectomy La Jolla, the patient is usually placed face down (in the prone position) and then turned onto the back (supine position) once the surgery to the lower back and posterior buttock area has been completed. The final stage of the operation is a tummy tuck involving the stomach and abdominal area.

The San Diego belt lipectomy is not a trivial procedure so it will very likely involve an overnight stay. Recovery takes a while because there is a need to avoid bending for a month or more until the site of the operation has healed adequately. While this restriction will soon become annoying, it will be worth it in the long term because you will have a taut, youthful-looking body to show for it.

If you have lost a lot of weight or think you are likely candidate for a belt lipectomy San Diego, contact us at the SK Clinic in La Jolla and speak to one of our consultants.